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If you are interested in metal processing, we offer you
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We use our knowledge and experience to complete your order efficiently and in-time.

Elemark company specializes in :

Mechanical treatment of serial parts, made from plastic,non-ferrous alloys and steel.Our machinery includes  programmable lathe, semiautomatic and automatic machines for a longitudinal turning. This provides a possibility to do all types of mechanical treatment of parts with diameter up to 150 mm and length up to 300 mm, having the dimensions with precision up to 1 mkm.

We work in accordance with drawings or samples provided by  the customer. Modern equipment allows us to work with electronic drawings.


We have long experience in the machining of various materials and metal processing for the instrument industry.  High-efficiency and precision machine tools allow to make parts of any complexity (processing of  basic details on 5 co-ordinates simultaneously is possible).  Here is processing of cylindrical, conic, shaped and face surfaces, cutting by a cutter external and a female thread, drilling .

"Elemark" - is well-organized production of metal processing, with rich experience in quality and great potential of skilled workers and specialists in the field of management.

The development of company is focused on granting to a wide range of customers the ability to produce high-quality products, providing performance of the highest requirements to accuracy of metal working.

One of important targets  of "Elemark" – short terms of manufacturing, high quality of production and competitive prices.

We work in our own production factory (4000m2) and have 10 000m2 of land in our possession.

Suur-Sõjamäe 19a 11415 Tallinn